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Talking Infrastructure

Stories from the Front Line. Let’s start with some simple principles that all organisations and their leading decision-makers would embrace: “we want to see value for money”

The Asset Project Budget

So we’re going to do an infrastructure or capital project (referred to throughout this article as capital project) and we need a planning budget. By whatever source we’ve chosen...

So Why is this a Given?

As we all know with any asset or asset strategy we have to accept some things as ‘given’ - things we cannot change but have to work with. Of course there are many assumptions we also have...

So why is this a given? (pt2)

Airports operate, as you’d expect, to exacting procedures to ensure safe operations. Runways and how they are used are especially heavily regulated with seemingly immutable...

(Asset Project) Budgets Revisited

Further to the earlier topic about asset budgets, I couldn’t help but want to have another go at this by asking a slightly different set of questions. These relate to the principle of transparency.

Articles for the Institute of Value Management

Soft VM?

How a soft situation was turned into a hard solution. There are numerous examples to be talked about...

Client Expectations

What sort of things should a client expect when commissioning a VM?

Reducing cost

... whilst increasing value? Seems a bit of a conundrum doesn’t it! It’s the classic task of many VMs.


Today’s Decisions - Tomorrow’s Consequences - What’s Happened To The Value? August '16