ACVM have developed a strong reputation for their provision of empathetic and relevant courses which are professionally designed and delivered throughout Australia & South East Asia.

Our courses have covered a wide yet related range of topics – some generic courses and others specifically tailored for clients. Industry has responded positively to both these course types which vary in subject matter from strategic to technical and through to human resource development areas including facilitation.

ACVM’s delivery teams consist of professionals who have acknowledged practical expertise in the field of the topic being taught. In addition, these presenters have been selected for their capacity to convey the principles and the key messages needed to achieve effective learning.

The success of our professional development services has been recognised with:

Accreditation of the Value Management and Advanced Facilitation Units of the Course program by the Institute of Value Management Australia Inc. to satisfy the approved education component for Registration as a Value Management Facilitator.

Approval of the Graduate Certificate Program by the Hong Kong Government for access by the Civil Service through the Construction Industry Training Authority as an approved course.

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